Sunday, September 13, 2009

Half Life 2: Thief (WT)

I am announcing a puzzle based project, a mod for Half Life 2, the working title is Half Life 2: Thief. In this mod the player is given an assignment, whether it is to steal something or just scout ahead for his companions.


  1. how are going to do this, is it going to look and behave like thief ..? or just have a similar concept..

    ps. why not join the thief forum..

  2. Similiar like thief yes, but in the HL2 universe. I will maybe come with more updates next week. I am aiming for weekly updates, even if I have not done anything :). As you perhaps have seen in my blog, I have more than one project to focus on, my main focus is 'Computers for Sale', a standalone game.

  3. Are you still working on your HL2 mod ?
    I'm asking that because we are currently working on a HL2 mod project and looking for a good C/C++ programmer, and you look like having the right skill (sorry for my English)
    If you want to know more about it, and if you have time to get involved in this project, don't hesitate to contact us on coops_project[a]googlegroups[d]com
    Thanks ;)

  4. I am sorry, but the development of that mod has stalled. In the future, the development will maybe resume.

    And I am not good with C/C++, sorry.

  5. Thand you for replying ;)

    If you restart your mod development don't hesitate to contact me again to the e-mail address above.