Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not much work done lately

I have been very busy with school. I have also been very busy setting up a small LAN 10-20 people. All students live on the school, and some wanted a computer room to play games on, competive and cooperative. There I have also created a local FTP server for the students to download files on. Thus making the broadband connection more accessible for they who want to play games online, and the ping lowers. I have also added a mac filtring with my router, so just some people will have access to the network, and the file server. They who weren't there today to replan the whole room. Will not gain access, and they then can't play with other, or exploit the bandwith to download warez. The broadband is only 7Mbit, so with 100 students downloading warez simultaneously, will make online gaming impossible, therfore I have encrypted the network.

By doing all this work, I actually haven't got any time to programm anything. The game core for Computers for Sale is just about 7% finished. And I will continue with Java, since my developing machine now got Ubuntu 8.04 instead of Windows Vista.

I am also planning to add monthly updates here on my blog, even if I have done nothing.

I also have a web server I am going to configure, and programm a small PHP site, for easy browsing on the FTP server, with categorizing and a simple search function.

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