Sunday, May 2, 2010

Computers for Sale - Feature Set

The first part of the game design document is ready.

General Features
  • Huge persistent world.
  • Full Android support
  • Full CHARVA support, for unix based computers without and X-server.
  • Written in Java so all computers with the latest Java installed can play the game.
  • Dynamic single-player campaign.
  • Dynamic single-player skirmish
  • Dynamic multiplayer skirmish.
  • Dynamic economic system.

Multiplayer Features

  • Hotseat multiplayer with up to 8 players.
  • Realtime multiplayer with up to 16 players.
  • Connect your facebook account – import friends list to get them as either hirable NPCs or a AI players.
  • Expandable server which the clients can connect to. The server can be expanded to handle thousands of players, in a realtime gameplay. I will come back to this feature later in the document.

The game does not come with an editor, but a third party editor is still easy to create. It is up to other developers to create one or not. But the game is still easy to mod with just database programming (SQL), or just simple graphical database management.


  • Builds computers
  • Sells computers
  • Manage company
  • Hire NPCs
  • Gain Alliance with rival players (/AI)
  • Research new technology to use in your computers
  • Build a mass amount of platforms
  • Decide the prize for your computers
  • Expandable HQ
  • Expandable Warehouse
  • Expandable appartment (only in SP)

Chances to this part of the document may happen.